Gebr. Kess GmbH - Ihr Dieselspezialist in der Großregion
Bosch Diesel-Service

Company history


Peter Kess started his business with a 3,5 t Büssing truck. His fleet grows up to 3 trucks quickly.


His trucking company expands to include a gas station.


As his sons Alfred and Edgar joined the company, they expand to a 150 m² car repair shop.


The trucking company closes down, as the car repair shop becomes very profitable.


We become a certified Bosch workshop and a new era begins.


A new 450 m² workshop is constructed.


After 27 years, the gas station closes down.


Edgars sons Klaus and Christof take over the management and continue the family business in the third generation.


Ongoing extensions and new construction occur on the side to a total of 1,700 m².

2013 „75 years Kess company“  / „25 years Klaus and Christof“

We look back on 75 years of multiple business ventures including trucking, gas station, vehicle repair and a diesel injection division. Besides a vehicle repair and service workshop our main business is now a diesel fuel injection repair and testing facility including a large division of import and export of diesel injection components.


Right after re-branding our operation from "Bosch Car Service" to "Bosch Diesel Service", a fire severly damages our vehicle workshop. Despite the damage to our vehicle service area which takes 5 month to rebuild, the diesel injection repair and import and export business continued unaffected.