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Injection pump reconditioning

Repair to the highest quality standards

Bosch exchange program

Our exchange program is an attractive alternative to injection pump repair.

We carefully disassemble and clean the injection pump and check each component for wear and functionality. The pump is then reassembled and adjusted on one of our 9 test benches according to manufacturer specifications.

All exchange products are equal to new parts in quality, since only spare parts that meet exactly the same requirements and quality standards as Bosch new parts are used for repair.

Just like our new parts, our exchange items also come with a one-year warranty.

Repair of historic injection pumps

In addition to spare parts for currently running injection pumps, we also carry spare parts whose production has been discontinued. We are also able to repair older in-line and distributor injection pumps (e.g. Bosch VA and VE series).

In addition, we already have many injection pumps in stock ready for despatch. Please feel free to contact us by phone or just have a look at our online store.

Injection pumps for commercial use

Our large stock of spare parts includes a wide variety of parts for in-line injection pumps and distributor injection pumps. Thanks to many years of diesel repair experience, we are able to repair injection pumps primarily for marine, rail, construction, agricultural and forestry applications.