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Injection pump reconditioning

Repair to the highest quality standards

Entry level test
Cleaning, dismantling and repair
Test and adjustment
Our exchange program

Entry level test

First, a visual inspection is carried out. If the pump is still operable, it is checked for malfunctions on the test bench. Minor defects such as wrong idle injection volume, balancing the volume of the cylinders or the full load volume can already be adjusted on the test bench. If the defects are more serious, the pump is disassembled, cleaned and repaired.

Cleaning, dismantling and repair

During cleaning, oil and fuel residues are removed in a dilution bath. Then all sliding surfaces are covered and all openings are closed so that the entire pump can be sandblasted without damage.

After sandblasting, the pump is freed from all sand residues so that it can then be disassembled. In this step, the individual components of the pump are checked for their functionality or, in the case of particularly critical components such as the elements, the compliance with the manufacturer's tolerance is checked.

Test and adjustment

In the final step, the reconditioned pump is tested for function and adjusted on the test bench according to the manufacturer's specifications. Thanks to our archive of test and adjustment values for all older Bosch injection pumps, we are able to restore older models as well as the current ones.

After testing, the pump is preserved with test oil for storage for several years.

As an alternative to reconditioning, we already have many injection pumps in stock ready for shipment. Please feel free to contact us by phone or take a look at our online shop

Bosch exchange program

Our exchange programme is an attractive and fast alternative to injection pump repair.

The replacement pump can be exchanged for your defective pump without having to suffer longer downtimes. First we will send you the exchange pump. Once you have installed the pump on your motor, you can send your old pump back to us.

All exchange products are equal to new parts in quality, as only spare parts that meet exactly the same requirements and quality standards as Bosch new parts are used for repair.

Just like our new parts, our exchange items come with a one-year warranty.